Tips on How to Purchase Binoculars for Bird Watching

Binocular is a device that can be used for several reasons, and one of them is bird watching. If you are interested in this hobby, you will definitely understand the importance of this device in bird watching. Without a binocular you will not be able to enjoy this experience as the birds you see will not be clear since they are placed very far away from you.

So, now do you want to buy a pair specific for bird watching? In order to purchase a particular pair one needs to consider several aspects. There are several sub categories of birding and you need to consider all these categories before choosing a pair. Birding in wide open areas around a lake or a coast, or areas at long distances will be different when compared to birding around or in thick forests.

So if you want a set which covers all these areas, you should be sure about it. After you have determined the type which covers your needs, make a list of all features that you require from your pair of binoculars. After making this list rate each feature and look for a set that is available with most of these features, within your price range.

Bigger is always better

The main objective of a binocular is to assist in zooming or optical magnification. Most individuals think that bigger devices allow one to view better, however, this does not hold true in all cases. There are several disadvantages of binoculars with high power. With a higher magnifying power the lenses might offer a narrower field of view, less bright image with less apparent depth of focus. The bigger size also makes it difficult for one to hold it steadily in place, which results in even the smallest movements disturbing the image.

Ideal for all needs

If you want to use a single pair to view birds in various terrains, the best choice is one offering magnification of 8x.

Wide field of view

When one spots a bird in a tree they quickly raise these devices, thus when one has a correct aim and a lens with a wide field, the bird is clearly visible. In case of smaller birds that move faster one requires a pair with lower magnification so that the field of view is wide.

Better image stability

In a handheld optical device more power does not always mean an advantage. An image magnified 1x will be shakier since hand movements are equally magnified. It has been observed by numerous individuals that they can see clearly with an 8x rather than a pair of 10x.

With glasses

When wearing glasses eyes are positioned away from the eyepiece, for this the image formed by a binocular needs to form closer to eyes. A pair with 8x offers more relief to eyes when compared to 10x.

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Best Spa Holidays in the World

A spa holiday is the best way to break from your daily routine and rejuvenate yourself from within. They work as excellent detox holidays and help you achieve the health and fitness goals you have been aiming at for months. These holidays generally mean you get yourself a packaged deal at some spa resort at some luxurious destination. Tropical destinations are considered favourite among frequenters. So, what sort of option can you expect when you are looking for the best spa holiday?

These spa resorts offer various packaged deals on everything starting from a yoga holiday to a beach spa holiday. Yoga holidays are essentially designed for yoga enthusiasts. These holidays incorporate all the benefits of yoga in a traditional spa retreat. The benefits include detoxification and weight loss among other things. You will get to enjoy yoga in the most serene and relaxing environment. The package will also include healthy meals especially designed to help you make the most out of the routine.

There are so many other options that you can avail while looking for a spa holiday. Weight loss spa holidays are a big hit. They are designed in a manner to include weight loss programs along with various therapies and exercise routines. There are no crash diets or extreme detox routines. The programs are designed to make sure that you enjoy all the exercise routines and spa therapies which in combination will help you achieve the desired result.

As mentioned earlier, tropical destinations are always considered as the best spa retreats. Malaysia and Thailand are two of the most popular choices when it comes to spa holidays. Other destinations include India, Indonesia, Mauritius, Cyprus, Italy and St Luca. You can avail great deals on some of the best spa resorts at these luxurious locations. You can leave all your worries behind and set off with your partner or family. If you wish to take such a vacation alone there are also deals structured to facilitate single people on such holidays.

While you are on the internet looking for the best spa holiday you can book but make sure you take it step by step. The first thing you need to do is decide on a destination. Once you know which part of the world you are travelling to your next job involves choosing the type of spa holiday you want to go for. The best websites offer you a wide range of choices.

It is also very important that you prepare your body for the spa holiday. Cut down on processed food a week before your holiday. Increase water intake and decrease caffeine consumption. Take a lot of rest and ensure you are getting good sleep in the night. Since the package that you would have availed will have all the details on the activities of the holiday you can read up more on that and prepare yourself mentally. Pack all the essential stuff that you would need and set off on the most epic spa holiday ever.

Travel destinations in US-the apple of your eye!

US is a country that doesn’t need an explanation. It is a dream destination for most of the people. US have a huge tourism industry and beautiful destinations to cater a feast for millions. Distinguished art collections, theme-parks, thundering waterfalls, national parks, nightlife, restaurants, scenic beauty, malls, memorial parks, historic location-you name it and America has it.

Among its hundreds and thousands of bravura locations, here we’ll bring forth you the best travel destinations in US, which are definitely a “must-see” for you if you are thinking to visit America in near future.

Let us begin with the Times Square in New York City. Times Square is famous for its Broadway theaters, super signs and cinemas. It is the most ‘full of life’ place of New York. So people who wish to enjoy every moment of life, do not miss on this one because it has everything you wish- food, fun, limo, TV-in a word ‘LIFE’!

The National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington DC is ‘miss-me-not’ location of America. It encompasses America’s iconic milestones for public and this place is definitely a feast for those interested in watching museums and old places.

Well, if you are a party animal and enjoy nightlife, then do not miss the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada City of America. Right from entertainment to shopping, gambling to drinking-Las Vegas has it all!

Okay, now we bring something exciting for the kids! Watch out kids, here we have next tourist destination of America-the Disneyland Park. Disneyland is most liked by kids, but it is also a great enjoyment place millions of tourists. Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, goofy and Pluto-you’ll find all these classic Disney characters here.

If you had been waiting for this one, then we’ll not make you wait long! Yes, you guessed it right- The Niagara Falls. Situated on the US-Canadian border, the Niagara Falls are a must watch for every person visiting America because the beauty will keep you captivating. The falls attract nearly 12 million visitors every year.

Well, if you visit America, wouldn’t you like to know who is behind most of the cool Hollywood movies? Universal Studios, Hollywood located in LA is headlined as ‘The Entertainment Capital of LA’. The Universal Studios offer thrill to its visitors.

For the art lovers, the Metropolitan Museum is an abode of world’s greatest art collections, costumes, weapons, accessories and musical encyclopedia. The newly revamped European, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and American art collections would be a feast for you!

Hawaii unfolds the renowned tourist spot- Waikiki Beach which allows 4.5 million visitors to relax in the sands of its beach every year. It offers superb views of Diamond Head.

There are other, many more splendid tourist attractions in America. America has much more to offer to its tourists and visiting the place would definitely be a lifetime experience for you!

Grand Canyon National Park Chopper & Plane Trip Offers for Halloween Weekend

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect occasion for taking a little vacation. A unique way to celebrate is to take an air tour of the Grand Canyon that departs from Vegas or Arizona. You can fly by airplane or helicopter, and there are several options to add. That makes it easy to find a fun tour that fits with your interests and budget.

The Best Helicopter Air Tours

Flights run all year around, except for Christmas Day, so you don’t need to worry about special schedules over Halloween. If you’re flying from the Vegas area, then flights will leave from The Strip, nearby Boulder City, or Henderson. If you’ll be in Arizona instead, then departing from Tusayan is more convenient since the airport in Tusayan is near the gates at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

One reason you may prefer to book a Vegas tour over a Tusayan tour is that the flights that depart from Vegas are allowed to land at the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Air tours are great, and they offer unrivaled sightseeing, but landing gives you something a little extra that you won’t find anywhere else. You can choose to land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the top, or even both. At the bottom you could indulge in a Champagne picnic or even a Colorado River tour, whereas the top of the Canyon has the famous Skywalk. The Skywalk is a world-famous glass bridge that juts out over the canyon, about 4000 feet above the Canyon floor. You will feel as if you’re walking on air when you step out onto the platform. Tickets to the Skywalk attraction can be added to your West Rim air tour package.

The flights that depart from Arizona aren’t allowed to land on the Canyon, but they make up for it in the beautiful scenery you’ll see on a tour. There are two Grand Canyon flights available from Tusayan. One is a 30 minute journey, while the other is closer to an hour. The longer tour is the better option since you get to fly to the North Rim as well as the eastern edge of the park. The longer tour lets you see the scenic views and wilderness areas of the South Rim, North Rim, and eastern park boundary, in fact, it flies over about 75 percent of the entire park.

Choosing Between Deluxe And Basic

You can book a basic or deluxe air tour of the Grand Canyon. The basic tours are great, they just fly on older-style choppers. These helicopters offer safe sightseeing with great visibility, but they’re no longer state of the art.

If you want the best experience possible, then you will have to book a deluxe tour. The tours use EcoStar 130 choppers. They have roomier cabins and you’ll be a lot more comfortable during your tour. They have a massive windscreen for the ultimate in panoramic views, plus, the seats are arranged so there is no bad seat with obstructed views. The deluxe Vegas tours depart conveniently from the Strip and you’ll be picked up and dropped off in a limo. Basic tours depart from just outside of Vegas, and use standard shuttle services.

Touring By Airplane

You could tour by airplane instead, and if you choose a plane tour of the South Rim, your airplane will follow the same route as the tour helicopters. The difference with these tours is that they fly higher than helicopters, so the view you get isn’t as close. Still, the plane tours are fun, and they are ideal if you’re traveling with a group since they hold nineteen passengers. Airplane tours also cost less than both basic and deluxe helicopter tours, so if you’re flying on a budget, you should seriously consider taking an airplane.


So consider your options. Deluxe or basic? Airplane or helicopter? North Rim, or South Rim? With so many fantastic Grand Canyon flights, it can be hard to choose. Start with a departure location close to you and buy the best package you can afford. Booking a tour with a fun perk like a champagne picnic on the canyon floor is something you’ll never forget.

Since Halloween is almost here, you need to book your tour now. You can book your tour online for the biggest selection in tour options and discounts so you can create a tour package for a Halloween you’ll never forget.